Jakub Sojka FÓBE Ceramics Studio


Since 2008 I’m creating hand-made objects, modeled in CAD software and 3D printed.

After I went through my first adventure with concrete for five years, I have been discovering a long-awaited material, ceramics.

My workshop is my world! Always look for some improvements and challenges.

Independence and freedom are what I was longing for.

Ceramic pots:

Planters are my fundamental works since the beginning of my path with FÓBE.

I still remember the moment when I designed the first planter and wondered about the future with it.

It’s always a pleasure to see how you decore interiors with my works. It inspires me for new designs.

Minimalism & Simplicity:

I’m looking for solutions to make not only my design but also its process of creations minimalist and simple.

Hand made:

Every piece spends some time in my hands.


This is my next step for this coming time. Things everybody needs every day in their life.

Jakub Sojka
Precision and process repeatability is the key.

Small flowerpot
Planter 200 Cinnamon
Ceramics manufacturing is a never-ending upgrading process. That’s why it is so fascinating.
Green body waiting for another process
Tools for ceramics

Every piece is manually stamped